Camelina Oil Powder

- Omega 3 Fat Powder (Plant Origin)

Custom Food Group produces Camelina Oil Powder (Custom-NutriHIFAT 80CAMO) which contains up to 80% camelina oil content. It is produced from natural refined cold pressed camelina oil that retains most of the original nutrients and contains more than 30% Omega-3 which can promote cardiovascular health and maintain brain function. Custom-NutriHIFAT 80CAMO has excellent solubility and stability with exceptional taste and aroma. It is a nutrient-dense essential oil powder that has stable shelf life and can be conveniently incorporated into a variety of food applications and nutritional supplements.

Advantages: Non-GMO
  Variation of fat loading up to 80%
  Convenient handling and storage
  Pure and high quality nutritional oil powder which is produced from natural refined cold pressed oils
  Superior natural antioxidant content (tocopherol) among common vegetable oils
  High Omega-3 content could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as reduce inflammation and insulin resistance
  Abundant in sterols which are shown to inhibit cholesterol absorption, hence controlling the cholesterol level in human body
Applications : Nutraceuticals Products, Clinical Powder, Meal Replacement, Dairy Products, Nutrition Beverages, Cooking Applications

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